Reservations Accepted during WEEKDAYS ONLY

Weekends are on First-Come-First-Served basis.

We apologize for any inconvenience should you experience any problems making reservations for the past few weeks as we experience problems with our reservation system. We are currently working on it.

  • (072) 712-0852
  1. Holding time for reservations is thirty (30) minutes only.
  2. Maximum of ten (10) pax per reservation.
  3. No text/sms confirmation, no confirmed reservation.
  4. Please allow up to two (2) hours notice prior to your expected arrival for online bookings to be processed.
  5. Multiple bookings for the same party will not be honored.
If you cannot find your preferred booking time or if you experience any problems, please call the reservation line directly at the following numbers:

  • (072) 712-0852
  • 0919-928-5345
  • 0923-746-7140

NOTE: Confirmed reservations will receive a text or email confirmation.